Tech Partnerships

Dev Summit can be a valuable development partner, we believe in creating solutions at an even more competitive cost if we can align interests and create a mutually beneficial relationship. Our process to exploring a partnership looks like this:

1. Initial Concept and Negotiations

The entrepreneurs approach Dev Summit with their startup idea. After discussions and a thorough evaluation of the project’s potential, both parties agree to form a partnership.

2. COGS Model

The entrepreneurs pay Dev Summit for their app development services. The payment structure can vary and may include milestone-based payments or an upfront fee. This ensures Dev Summit is compensated for their expertise and work. The cost of development is lower compared to what Dev Summit would charge for a conventional client as Dev Summit is now a partner on the project. Dev Summit can dramatically extend runways for entrepreneurs up to 3X by decreasing development costs 70%

3. Equity or Options Allocation

In addition to the service payment, a portion of the partnership agreement involves allocating equity or stock options in the startup to Dev Summit. This equity allocation can be based on the perceived value of Dev Summit’s contributions to the company’s success.